Thursday, May 31, 2007


After sacrificing the weekly Fun Run for my son's parent/teacher conference in which we find out that along with his speech we must work on tearing paper and putting his jacket on, the wife went to pick him up and with 2 hours on my hands i headed home and jumped on the 7005 Superlite butted alloy/carbon frame (Felt F65) for a jaunt.

Riding with the heart rate monitor for the first time, I rode at my usual pace w/o looking at the monitor. Results yielded: 25.17 miles/ 1 hr 41 min/ 14.9 mph/ average heart rate: 132/ calories 1393. Pedestrian like and certainly not worthy of the Who Cares I'm Flying Award but a great day to get out and work on the tanning of those pasty whites!


Timothy Finkelstein said...

Those stats are crazy! Quite a bit different than mine. We should do the Monday ride soon to compare.

JBrandt said...

Since the Faculty Fun Run gathering didn't work out, perhaps we could plan a ride and compare experiences. With only 6 more days of school remaining, life is about to calm down. I'm sure you guys are done by June 14th right? I mean who is still teaching after that?