Sunday, May 27, 2007

Recovery Week....

Since my first marathon 6 years ago, i have never really followed any kind of actual training program. I just kind of had an idea of what i thought i needed to run from purusing various plans and just ran raising my mileage as i went along but never building to a real peak,running intervals, fartlek or having a rest period. Fairly unstructured and probably what has led to mediocrity in my race results taking me 9 more marathons to lower my previous PR of 3:47 to this years' scintilating 3:44 @ The Martian Marathon.

However, after my disappointing attempt at a 50 miler last fall, I was actually feeling pretty good but got lost and was about 35 miles in @ the 50k checkpoint and just lost my focus, I am going to follow an actual plan this year for a crack at another 50 miler.

So far so good since the Martian Marathon on 4/1/07. Weeks of 34/35/39/25/41/41/44 miles have led to this recovery week. Finally succumbing to the technological wave and buying a heart rate monitor, i have to say that it is actually useful. The goal this week and this morning was to run in Zone 2 (60-69%) to facilitate recovery.

I actually had to work at keeping it in Zone 2 and the friendly beeper went off anytime I strayed out of it:

RUN: 6.51 miles - 1 hr 14 min - avg heart rate: 123

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Timothy Finkelstein said...

Have you rode bikes with the hrm yet? Perhaps wednesday ride?