Sunday, May 06, 2007

All you need is a pair of shoes......

Forget about your GPS, Heart Rate Monitors, Nike + Ipod Sport Kit, and watches that can store up to 300 laps, all you really need to go for a run is a pair of shoes. A pair of shoes that you won't have to think about as you are out on the pavement, trails, or where ever your feet take you.

Now I must admit, that I flip through the running magazines and scour the shoe reviews like the people who live vicariously through celebrities, or base their whole self worth and value according to such article titles as "Look Slim in any Shape" or "What your man is not telling you", but in the end I always revert back to my perennial favorite, Nike Air Pegasus. Just like warm apple pie.

That is of course until I have attempted to venture into ultramarathoning/trail running. I have tried a multitude of trail shoes and have yet to find "THE ONE". But with TNF Arnuva Boa 50 based on input from Dean Karnazes I just might have. Maybe I did fall for the advertising that stated no laces, but a dial that you use to adjust them, or hoping that I would feel just "Like Mike, or Lance, or Dean" in them, but straight out of the box and on a 13+ miler this morning they rocked!!! Just like warm apple pie.


Timothy Finkelstein said...

I didn't realize those had the BOA system...a technology first born int the snowboarding industry you last three pairs of SB boots have had it, quite nice.

Fritz said...

Hate to sound like an advert, but if you're anywhere near West Bloomfield, the Running Fit there is selling Pegasus for $50 this Friday (6/15).

I found you through episode 100 of Phedippidations, where you're mentioned... anyway, I look forward to reading your training for DWD!