Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Okay, so there I was watching the Tigers clobber the Devil Rays and waiting for the Dee-troit Pistons to decide if they wanted to show up and play ball in the Eastern Conference Finals when I thought to myself, now this upcoming 50 mile prep schedule is all fine and dandy, and i can put it down on paper, but i need a visual reminder, a motivator, when i thought, "Let's go bald....get the Nair!!!"

Now, i have gone bald only 3 other summers in my life. The first was when i was 14 and watching Greg Lemond win his second Tour de France over Laurent Fignon, next when i tried my hand at triathlons and was asked by then future olmpyian Sheila Taormino if i needed help in a short course, and then 2 summers ago, of course i got the obligatory " Is he gay?" @ the family get together over the summer, when i got my Felt F65 and made a run at bike racing. All of them have failed miserably in the sense that i never gave them all truly a chance to see if i would become passionate about it, or has been the case a dabbler.

In any event, there are some actual benefits to going bald. The first is that road rash will typically heal faster. I mean have you ever been ambling along and then found yourself on the pavement going a rapid 6 m.p.h.? Secondly, there is the theory of "feeling faster". No need to explain. Last, but certainly not least, and the point i will make to all the people who intially scoff at my pasty, smooth legs is that it helps to faciliate therapeutic massage. I have become a big proponet of massage and have even found the stick to be useful.

About an hour later, and no Nair, just a razor and some shaving cream, produced the sickly looking legs below. I damm well better get out there an run!

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