Sunday, May 13, 2007

Road trip to Ohi-yo

This weekend we loaded up the family and headed down to Cbus for a wedding between "Lightning" L.... and the former "Missile" C....... on what little dirt dawg said was a road trip to Ohi-yo.

Clearly you can not keep a 3 year old cooped up in a hotel for two days even with a pool, so he and I headed over to the Columbus Zoo to take in the monkeys, manatees, gorillas, and flamingos among others.

After a beautiful service and reception along the river, it was time for a well deserved rest and a morning jaunt down to :

Running past "The Shoe" and along the Olentagny-Sciato Trail certainly got the palate ready for a Mother's Day Brunch @ Lindey's

Overall rating for the weekend 10/10.

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