Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Taper = Tired????

10 days out and I am just about as tired as I was when Little Dirt Dawg was born and I would get up with Dirrty Girl for each and every feeding. My runs have been shorter and slower by design, but in between, I feel like a waking zombie. Maybe it was the massage breaking up and unloosening the knots that my body is so tired in trying to repair itself. Interesting to note that during the massage there were more tension and knots in my back then in my legs. Maybe it is the reduced training volume that has thrown my body off kilter. As someone said, "Tapering is BS". I am sure that in a few days, maybe like 8?, that my body will be ready to roll.


elementsoferin337 said...

Your body is telling you something...sleep and good nutrition are key to prepare for your race. I know tapering is the toughest part of training but I do think it will benefit you in the end.

You wiil ROCK the 100miles next weekend!

malvs2walk said...

I cannot think on one person I know who enjoys tapering before a race. I for one usually end up buying unnecessary gear or signing up for more races.
Here's wishing a fantastic race to you and all your running compadres.