Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Burning River Recon Run

If the opportunity arises to preview a course that you are going to ramble over 100 miles, then you better seize it. Such was the case on Saturday, when with Dirrty Girl's assistance I was able to drive down and take part in a training run. that covered the last 30 miles of the course.

A shuttle took us from the finish line back to the 70.3 mile mark and a group of approximately 17 of us headed out. Grant it, I will probably be running most of this in the dark, but more than anything I needed to wrap my head around the area, the course, and converse with other runners. Reading a course packet is wonderful, but to hear tips and words of encouragement from some amazing runners who have done multiple 100 milers and races like Badwater rely gave me a boost

The course was absolutely stunning and i cant wait for August 1st .

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Sun Runner said...

Were you on the Erie Canal towpath? Isn't it just lovely? :)