Thursday, July 30, 2009

Drop Bags and Clothing

Putting the final pieces together for this weekends 100 mile run has forced me to be way more organized than I have been all summer. On the eve of heading out, I thought I would lay everything out to help visualize what it would look like.

To start the run, I will be wearing my Brooks/Hansons ODP hat, Brooks ID shirt, Brooks Sherpa Shorts, Brooks Launch Shoes, and Injini Socks.

I plan on carrying a handheld water bottle throughout the race and have it filled with either Hammer HEED or Sustained Energy along the way and tucked in the storage pocket, Hammer Endurolytes. On my waist I will have a Nathan Trail Mix 2 bottle holder, filled with some water, my Iphone ( I really don't expect it to hold all day), a 2gb nano, and some Tylenol. My Nathan HPL #28 Race Vest will hold my Casio Exilim SX5 camera and a flask with 5 Hammer/PowerBar Gels mixed with water.
My first drop bag @ Station D (mile 21.9) contains another flask filled with 5 gels, some Vaseline (hey, you never know), an extra pair of socks, and 2 scoops of Sustained Energy in a baggie. My drops bags are 2 1/2 gallon Ziploc Bags with my race # and the aid station that I want them at. They must be turned in Friday night by 7 am.
Although I plan on having my crew follow me along beginning @ Aid Station D, I have packed up the rest of the bags ahead of time sans gels and Sustained Energy because I am not sure how I will be feeling in regards to nutrition. At Aid Station G (mile 36.6), I plan on switching to my Brooks Cascadia 4 for the trails that lay ahead.There is also another pair of socks, 1 bottle of 5 hour energy, another baggie consisting of 12 pills of Endurolytes, and another baggie of Sustained Energy.
Aid Station J, Boston Store (mile 56 and 60.6) is supposed to be a party and it is here that i have packed my head torch,petzl tikka xp and princeton tec 3.0 flashlight along with extra batteries. Another 5 hour energy to take along the course and a fresh hat, shirt, shorts, and long sleeve tshirt.
Rolling into Aid Station N at 81.6 miles should find the end of the trails and it is here I have my pair of Brooks Dyfance 2 and some fresh socks waiting. The finish line is less than a marathon away!
A huge thanks in advance to all the people who have posted comments leading up to the race via the blog and on twitter, email, and runcast tv. Your words, comments, and encouragement I will carry with me on race day!


Unknown said...

Good luck. It should be a great challenge!

Christina said...

I'm very excited for you. You are awesome!!

The Crazy Runner said...

i am excited for you. Have a BLAST!

So where can we follow you online at?

The Jackal said...
Check out this link.
Bruce is one great guy!
Hardrock is way too hard for the Jackal.