Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Waiting Game: Taper

After rambling 11 miles on Saturday and 30 on Sunday this past weekend, I believe it is time to shut it down until Burning River. By shutting it down, I mean that awful, horrible but necessary word: taper.

At this point, with under 20 days to go, I don't believe that another long run or back to back session, which admittedly I said I wouldnt do but only did a 23/15 miler and a 11/30, will give me any more endurance or insight into planning or prepping for the race. By my own admission, the plan that I had sketched up before, I never really followed in hitting the weekly mileage goals, but in the end did go over the mileage estimated by about 50 miles. I have done a lot of walking during this training which I believe will serve me well in teaching my body to get comfortable with running/walking anywhere from 10 -12 min/miles which is in stark contrast to last fall when I qualified for Boston.

In tapering, I need to take it easy and cut back on the duration of my daily ramblings and rest. I need to let my body repair and recuperate from the pounding I have put it through to get ready for biggest adventure yet. I want to be at the starting line come August 1st @ 5am feeling like a caged dawg ready to scamper 100 miles.


Kim said...

Oh you will be fine. I have my final training run, a 12 hour timed event in WV this weekend. Screw the training in heat and humidity, it's just not happened here. It is what it is.

Bruce said...

Good luck surving the taper. My buddy is volunteering at the mile 33 or 37 aid station. New work schedule I dont think I can make it. I live about an hour away from parts of it. I did a trail race back in April, great trails.

Good luck!