Saturday, July 18, 2009

1, 2, 3.....Launch

If you have been following along via the podcast, you know that I have talked about trying to become more minimalist in my approach to running shoes. Adding more barefoot running to my training this year and reading the book, Born to Run, have me thinking that one does not need all the bells and whistles of a high dollar running shoe. Enter the Brooks Launch. Per the website this is how they describe their new lightweight trainer:

"With an incredibly flexible outsole and seamless transition, our new lightweight trainer will get you from start to finish, whether you're doing a tempo or race. Add to that the lower-profile midsole and minimal upper,"

Admittedly, these are some loud shoes in the color scheme and they scream, "RUN FAST", but even on a straight out of the box 14+ miler last night at an average pace of 9:10/mile (Note: this felt really fast to me) they felt really comfortable. Glove like in fit with just a touch of cushioning, my initial impression is that they might just become my everyday trainer. Will review again farther down the road to see how the durability, comfort and feel are.


Brian Thomas said...

Funny that you mention "Born to Run." I just downloaded it off Audible a couple weeks ago to listen to at BR. Glad to hear that it's good!

Eddie Marathon said...


Is your main picture above from Bald Mountain State Rec Area? Sure looks like it!


Unknown said...

Brian, Does that mean that you are not going to talk to me @ BR? Ha...I was building my playlist today myself

Eddie, Pic is from Island Lake...Haven't been back to Bald Mountain since a Turtle peed on me.