Saturday, June 28, 2008

Splish, Splash...Good Ole Fun

The deluge that greeted me as I left the abode this morning was merely a blip on the radar I told myself as I made my way to LakeShore Park to run with Five Fingers. I was feeling really good after D.D.M.C. #6 and Five Fingers and I decided to run an easy 10 on the trail.

Good thing. The trails were a sloppy, muddy, squishy mess....but man was it fun!! Speed was not the order of business unless it was to get away from the squitos...which I think today had a hankering for Five Finger's Mutt Blood as they encircled him throughout the course. Neither of our Garmins (305 or 405) could maintain a signal very well so we just bounded along and had the entire trail to ourselves until we ended up back in the parking lot looking like a couple of kids who had thrown mud at each other all day in the sandbox!!

The only way to top off a great trail run was to head to Zumba's for some chicken taco's....MMMM


Anonymous said...

Thanks for not mentioning my embarrassing wipe out on that slippery downhill.

Wait. . . Oops.

Looking forward to Island Lake. Have fun in PA.

Anonymous said...

Five Fingers' bruises from your run are gnarly!!

Too bad I couldn't join. I was off getting girly products for FF's sister's wedding this weekend.

Maybe next time. I just can't run with either of you. Not only am I slow, but I'm short as heck (about a foot shorter than you)! I can't keep up with ya.

Got any recommendations for trails up near Leland? That's where the wedding is this weekend.