Sunday, June 01, 2008

Dexter 1/2 Marathon

Dirrty Girl and I had made the agreement at the begining of the year that if I was going to do the D.D.M.C. then, I would have to then run with her @ Dexter. It was time to pay my dues today but along the way we had also managed to recruit our friends Lightning and Missile to come up from Cbus and join us.

Small talk last night revolved around how they had all not gotten in enough training and the reasons ran the gammut from graduate school, to work, to hockey league, to tennis, to whatever. I chose to remain mum on that subject. In any event, early to bed and early to rise with a departure time of 6:15 am. Over coffee that I made according to Missile as mud in nature (PERFECT!) and scones, the race plans formed, Missile and Lightning were hoping to break 2:05 and Dirrty Girl had 2 goals: not to be the last person and use this race as a measuring stick for her already determined fall race.

My job was to be D.G's sherpa. Carry her new favorite fuel, Luna Moons, grab her water at the aid stations and snap some photos. I was able to accomplish two of the three due to D.G. not screwing on the cap on the water bottle tight enough and rendering my phone, wet and now useless.

The race began promptly @ 8:50 and soon Missile and Lightning were a distant memory bounding off. Dirrty Girl began strongly clocking the first 3 miles @ sub 10 min. mile pace but then began to slide backwards a bit. Her fueling strategy was sound, water and luna moons every 3 miles and dousing herself liberally along the way, but even she commented that she should have run some more hills and outside a bit more often. She looked to enter her Zen mode by having a word with God for several miles and kept a fairly even pace as the hills seemed to become more frequent the closer the finish line.

With a new course, we were able to see Missile and Lightning as they drove home towards a 2:03 finish and Dirrty Girl and I finished in 2:27:50. Not last and plenty of room for improvement come fall @ Columbus.

Post race rehydration and fueling @ Zingermans. Great Job Dirrty Girl!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats. Both awesome and impressive for a first 13.2.

Anonymous said...

13.1 - sorry. I think I need sleep.