Thursday, June 26, 2008

D.D.M.C. #6 - Loops

End of the month is drawing to a close and schedule was actually looking busy with family, kickball, scheduled runs and such...better get the DDMC in!

Start Time: 4:21 a.m.

Starting Temp: 67 degrees/91 % humidity --YUCKOLA

First Loop - 5.25 miles/55:07/ 10:29 per mile pace
- My beloved border collie, Nemo, would never be allowed in a sanctioned marathon, but this is the D.D.M.C! Slow to warm up, but I could tell this was going to be a slow run due to the humidity.

Second Loop - 5.27 miles/ 49:09/ 9:20 per mile pace
- Popped an Endurolyte pill and off I went, felt pretty good.

Third Loop - 7.39 miles/ 1 hr 12 min/ 9:50 per mile pace
- Popped another Endurolyte pill, took off the reflective vest, grabbed the water bottle and shuffle and listened to a great little podcast called: Running with the Pack. Ingested 2 Apple Cinnamon Hammer Gels...just like warm apple pie.

Fourth Loop - 8.30 miles/ 1 hr 23 min/ 10:01 per mile pace
- Popped one more Endurolyte pill and tried to sneak out of house, but Dirrty Feather abandoned Curious George, got off the couch of doom, and demanded to go. Pushing her definitely made me keep my focus and along the way we developed a new game by where she put her feet up on the adjustable top and I would tap them which was sure to get her to giggle and laugh.

Total Distance: 26.20
Total Time: 4 hr 20 min


Not my fastest marathon this year but I believe with the use of some supplements I was able to stave off any cramping and it kept my sodium loss to a minimum. Felt pretty easy and my heart rate data showed that the run was done in the recovery zone? Halfway done with the DDMC!

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