Thursday, June 19, 2008

Run in, Pedal back

My commute to work is about 20 miles via the expressway and on a good day can take as little as 25 minutes. I know this because before kids I would race home as soon as I could leave and see what time I could be laying down for an afternoon siesta.

In what has now become a yearly tradition during my week of work post student, I try to run to work and get a lift home or ride my bike both ways at least once. Today was the first Run in, Pedal back.


In order to be there by 7 am, i had to leave my house @ 4:03 am. It is really not a scenic run given the mile roads and industrial areas I had to traverse, but watching the sun come up and the cool morning air made it enjoyable. Took about 2 hours to warm up and then i started feeling really good. To bad i had to end @ 18.25 miles and 2 hr 50 min later.


Several hours later after doing work that made watching paint dry exciting, i hopped on my newly refurbished Cannondale F600 that was meticulously cared for by the Mechanics class @ school and headed out. The wind had certainly picked up, but I was feeling good. Good until the right pedal my foot was clipped into stopped pedaling. The pedal had come unhinged so to speak. I had to half pedal, walk to the nearest gas station and ask a mechanic if i could borrow a wrench to which he replied " Are you gonna stay right here with that?"

With some effort i got the pedal back on, but perhaps in my haste or stupidity it did not sit level so i looked like a limping cyclist going. Finished up @ home with 18.94 miles in 1 hr 21 min.

A fun day overall and never a dull moment.

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Brian Thomas said...

Ah, a run/bike commute! I love it. Sorry about the mechanical problems. I should follow your lead and set more realistic goals for my run commute (i.e. once a month, once a year) so that I actually follow through. :)