Saturday, June 07, 2008

It's Last Call.... for Action!

Every runner knows that a well rounded training program includes
cross training. With summer making its presence known this week, it was time to renew my love affair and cross training regime known as KICKBALL.

Last year, as substitute/scrub/fill in for the Sex Panthers, I became reacquainted with the playground game most of us abandoned in grade school. Often drinking more than we scored, the Sex Panthers were a flash in the pan/fly by night operation that somehow got moved up to the "A" league.
Declining several offers, I remained true to the man and organization that I was fortunate to play with last year, an in an effort to inspire us all we were christened Double Deuce.

If for more than nothing else, kickball represents a great opportunity to return to my roots in organized team competition and I can't think of a better group of teammates to share it with. You can follow the misadventures of Double Deuce here.


Anonymous said...

I totally suck at cross training.

But then again, I'm a runner-noob. I know next to nothing.

Anonymous said...

Excellent. I would say the last time I saw Road House was roughly around the last time I played Kickball. At least 20 years.

Garmin question: is it typical to get spotty connection under heavy tree cover? I found even the new and disappointingly not-cheap 405 is way off on pace/time and total distance at the end some trails. Almost a mile off on a 10 mile run.

Would the foot pod fix this, do you think?

Unknown said...

I would say it would have more to do with the weather (clouds, etc) that you would experience some spotty connection. @ island lake, i found that it never cut out, but that is the most I have had the garmin out on the trails.

If the foot pod is anything like the ones from Polar i found it fairly frustrating to calibrate it correctly. That is why I got rid of my Polar RS200sd for the garmin.