Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I thought that after the race i would be nearly imobile and walking around like a drunken fool for the better part of a week, but that has not been the case. Maybe because i ran on trails, or so slow that i felt better than after my disappointing, stupid 34 mile attempt in Badwater like conditions but a little sorer than a road marathon.

A few days of walking brought me to my massage today. Hanson's Massage Therapy is run by two members of the Hansons/Brooks Olympic Development program. The great thing about having a massage therapist/elite runner work on you is that when you tell them your quads are a little sore and your knee is tight, they know what you are talking about and why your probably are sore there.

An hour later, I was feeling pretty good, but not 50 mile ready good. It will be a few more days before i will be back running with any vigor, but then again, tomorrow is Thursday and there is a Fun Run!!

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