Friday, September 28, 2007

Dirrty Girl Ages

Dirrty Girl turned 13,505 days old today or in simpler terms 37. Being 5 years older than me does have its privileges such as getting to retirement sooner, eagerly awaiting the first AARP contact, looking forward to Senior Discount Day at the local restaurant and getting cool gifts like getting to make your own handbag, that i secretly remembered her telling me about once a long time ago.

Since it was her birthday, her mom said that she would keep the kids last night for the first time since July. Woo Hoo....we should have burned the midnight oil, closed some joints down, or taken in a movie.

No, you know you are a parent when sleeping for 5 hours uninteruppted feels like 8 hours and instead of sleeping in you get up to go running together like old times.

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