Friday, September 07, 2007

Against my better judgement....a rambling to wet your appetite

You want it, You got it…..

Fueled by the excitement of the first fun run of the year, Big Red’s disappointment at not reading the weekly ramblings of a pro ass out for a run, Twinkle Toes questioning why even come into work on Fridays without a weekly update, patience young charge you will soon be able to slip into PE obscurityin a few years, and a 28 oz Orange/Coke Slurpee after my son’s soccer practice I sit in my basement breaking my word already that there would be no weekly fun run updates. So here goes…

Always great for fodder, Einstein again stated he was going to run but then provided a like NR'er answer with I don’t know why……but in a breaking news alert apparently started the run, vomited blood and then went to hospital….diagnosis…pneumonia

Short Stack who earlier had asked if we were doing the Fun Run on Thursdays, because she had latchkey papers to commit her young charges for an extra half an hour was a no show……

Huff N Puff ran by himself but his breathing was like a Tibetan chant as we passed, “ I think I can, I think I can”

J-No and Abstract thinking it was Halloween already or just falling in love with Olivia Newton John all over again ambled along and welcomed a new member tentatively named Chai Tea Latte…..

As for Dirt Dawg and Twinkle Toes confusion reigned as one looked for another to begin the run but soon gave way to mindless chatter like old ladies at the retirement home…

Alas, no weekly standings or point updates….that will come in the NEWSLETTER :)

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