Thursday, April 17, 2008

Recovery Stupidity?

Going into my 4th day of post marathon recovery, I was feeling pretty good. Some slight soreness in the quads and hams, but nothing that imobilized me. Figured I would amble in the morning for 5 miles, running 5 minutes and walking 5 minutes while taking the dog. Easy run..1 hr 7 min..

Today is Thursday, so that means Fun Run @ work! A gentleman's agreement was made between Twinkle Toes and I to keep the pace slow due to my recovery and his ashphalt gobbling skinny tired race later that evening. 3.25 miles in a hair over 30 minutes.

Dirrty Girl and I had struck an agreement that she would due her long run tonight (9 miles) so I was already to take the kids to the park and for some ice cream when she called and said the gparents wanted them for a bit. Upon her arrival home, I said I would do the long run with her, but in a surprise, dare I say shock, Dirrty Girl turned me down and said she was in a zone to do her long run on the treadmill and watch Wuthering Heights.

Dismayed, I was like what am i gonna do? Tigers aren't set to club the Indians for a few hours, and the weather is nice, so why not go for another run? Another 5 miles covering the same loop as this morning, but instead running 8 minutes and walking 2.

Final total for the day: 13.45 miles in 2 hr 32 min. 4 days post marathon....not sure if that is the smartest thing, but then again...

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Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. After months of running through snow with layers upon layers of gear, it's hard to restrain.