Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Babyjogger Tempo

I need to get faster. If my goal is a BQ then i need to start running more tempo, more fartlek, and dare i say visit the circular heathen known as the track. However, until my summer vacation begins, i will more than likely be doing any faster types of runs with the Babyjogger and Dirrty Feather.

Let's get one thing straight. Babyjoggers are not meant for speed. I dont know what the fastest mile recorded pushing one of these plush chariots is, but dipping under 7 min a mile and it starts to get a bit shaky. Not to mention that your own natural rhythm in relation to arm swing and stride all need to be altered. Through the miles with little dirt dawg, i feel that i have develped a pretty good system.

One, on a good stretch of road i can push the stroller ahead for at least a few paces until giving it another nudge. Two, any big bumps two hands need to be placed firmly on the the bar and guide it over. Three, and perhaps the most important on any turn, slight pressure is applied as the front end goes up and the back two wheels turn in the direction needed.

After all that, dirrty feather and i ventured out for a little tempo run today. After a mile warmup and with dirrty feather happily munching some chocolatey goodness known as Teddy Grahams, 3 mile of tempo lay in front of us. Hard to get consistent miles in, but got the fastest mile in this year so far @ 6:53.

Maybe running with the Babyjogger will be my secret training weapon in my pursuit of speed.


Brian Thomas said...

I like to think of baby joggers as the working parent's equivalent of hill work. Of course, after nearly a year and a half with the baby jogger, I still am pretty bad at running hills.

Sun Runner said...

I wish there was an adult equivalent to a Baby Jogger. I think it would be so much fun to be pushed along in a big comfortable seat while eating snacks! Ah, to be young and small again...

Anonymous said...

A sporty wheelchair, maybe?