Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Scaling Back

Perhaps foolishly before my 50 miler, I had envisioned running the Detroit Free Press Marathon and even maybe take a crack at my PR set earlier this year of 3:44. I thought that 5 weeks would certainly be enough time to recover and be ready to "race" a mere 26.2 miler.

Funny, how things change. After the pure joy and elation of finishing the 50 miler, I was left with an aching right knee and a body that was telling me to "go slow". I really couldn't comprehend right away how physiologically taxing that race was. By mixing a heavy dose of walking and running and taking some time to reflect on what I actually accomplished left me with a new game plan for next week's marathon.

I am going to treat this as a "fun run" through the cities of Detroit and Windsor. I might run 2 miles and then walk a mile, run a mile and then walk a mile, or whatever I feel like at the time. When I finish, I finish. So if you see the Dirt Dawg along the route feel free to say hello and maybe run or walk a spell as I tour the city in style.


Timothy Finkelstein said...

Finishing will be a PR for me...I can't lose.

Fritz said...

Sounds wise to me! There are some parts of Detroit I'd be just as happy to get through quickly- belle isle for instance. But a lot of it is really worth lingering over.

Nine days! I'm getting pretty excited!