Saturday, October 20, 2007

Race #

#1800 for the 30th Free Press Marathon. In addition to the regular timing chip, the race is also asking for us runners to put that thin plastic strip you see on the race bin on our shoes. They said it is a disposable timing chip that if successful will replace the other chip. Shouldn't we be getting paid to participate in this trial?

Anyway, in what has now become a tradition, Twinkle Toes (sporting a green bib = virgin marathoner) and I rambled down to the D to get our race numbers and secure goodies for our loved ones (today is sweetest day, and forget the flowers or card, this year Dirrty Girl got some new running swag, at a discount no less!!) and of course Twinkle Toes got a ticket (I got one last year) after putting money into a broken meter. Somethings never change in the D.

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