Monday, April 30, 2007

Things You Will Do When You Are A Parent

(1) Place a post it note on your computer alerting you that Thomas the Train: Live on Stage tickets go on sale @ 10 a.m.

(2) Sneak to your desk @ 10 a.m. try to buy tickets online

(3) Find out that you need have some special promo code only after purchasing $9.99 or more of goods from Toys R Us.

(4) Pack up your lunch, tell the boss you are taking lunch early and drive like a crazed soccer mom late for practice because you had to get some Capri Sun and slice up the oranges for the kids.

(5) Go and try to fine a $9.99 item at Toys R Us…..there are none!!! You will always spend more :

(6) Inhale lunch as you drive

(7) Go to mall. Find record store ( do they really still exist??) and wait for sullen teenager to tell you that you must purchase tickets online.

(8) Drive back to work

(9) Rush past boss, get on computer and find that server won’t allow you access to buy tickets…:(

(10) Start calling grandparents to see if they can get online…Get grandpa @ work to secure tickets!!! :)

Totals for day:

Productivity lost @ work 1-2.5 hrs
Toys R Us $ 11. 65
3 Tickets for show $144. 35
Look on son’s face from row 3 PRICELESS

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Timothy Finkelstein said...

That's a pretty good post. Hats off.