Monday, April 16, 2007

A Tradition Renewed

Like all great Monday night rituals, MNF (Monday Night Football), RAW (WWE entertainment), and guarenteed leftovers from Sunday night, a tradition was renewed last night.

The Wolverine Sports Club leads weekly group rides in and around Metro Detroit for riders of all abilities. Monday nights are usually considered recovery rides after a hard weekend of training and or racing.
For me, there is no bike racing or real training. I have tried it, racing that is and it is was not pretty, and decided I do not want to put the time necessary in the PAIN LOCKER to achieve any level of measurable success. So I look at it is a time to socialize and get out and see the local area and more of it than in my normal pedestrian plodding mode.
Anyways, the good news about that is that Twinkle Toes/AKA a real elite rider comes over, grabs some grub, and then rolls out of my house to the ride. Little Dirt Dawg is happy to see him and the wife (who donated considerable jack to help purchase the new ride above) likes to cook for us. Tonight we feasted on Mexican Lasagna and enjoyed post ride Pacifico's.

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Timothy Finkelstein said...

Apparently a new component of the Monday night Meals is an extended respite stay...Thanks again for letting me crash on the couch. Its not easy being homeless.