Tuesday, April 10, 2007

ThE cReW

Rare White Tiger...

Down the stretch they come!!!


Back in Michigan again, out of the snow belt and for just today and today only ( 39 Degrees and rain tomorrow) the clouds have parted and ThE cReW is able to duck out and get in a few miles.

ThE cReW:

Dog (Nemo): 6.5 year old Border Collie Mix (www.michiganhumane.org )/ approx 42 lbs./ YTD mileage: 101.16

Son (lilttle dirt dawg): 3 years old/approx: 32 lbs/YTD mileage: 10.05

Me (Dirt Dawg): 31 years old/approx: 176 lbs/YTD mileage: 446.87

Supporting Cast:

Baby Jogger: www.babyjogger.com - /approx: ???/ Years of Service: 3 - best jogging stroller ever!!!

Boy and Dog take off down the block to the fire hydrant where son must enter the baby jogger and begin the 10k journey before us today.

Today son is overly talkative and says "Hello" to everyone he sees and ask me "why dad?" to every question i ask. Hit the turnaround in about 32 minutes. On the way back, 1 stop for blanket coverage after son says he is “cold”, and for photo op with:

1 Rare White Tiger

Finish run with wild sprint:


RUN RESULTS: 10k (6.2 miles) – 1 hr 7 min
Little Dirt Dawg
3.Dirt Dawg

Course available @

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Timothy Finkelstein said...

Looks like a good support crew...we're currently recruiting for Black Bear, can I get a resume from Little Dirt Dawg and Nemo?