Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Falling off the wagon

I am falling off the wagon. I thought I was better than that. With a daily writing minimum and blog post due, I thought that was what it would take to become a habit. I wrote how writing would become something that I would carve out time each day to do right along with my running. While it's true that along the way my love for the written word has been rekindled, a something happened got in the way, LIFE. It's not a great excuse, but, work, family, and all the other distractions have suddenly become bumps in the road that I am hitting. The wagon is swerving and I am dangerously close to falling off.

It has only been a few days, but I feel it slipping away. I feel like an ass that spoke out of one side of my mouth and then did the exact opposite. Maybe because I only wrote and posted on the blog for 21 days and not the 30 or 100 days that people recommend to truly make it a habit as to why it didn’t stick. Maybe, I am not making it enough of a priority? Nevertheless, I found myself staring at the pad and pen on the desk and walked right past the last couple of days. I know that’s how it starts. That slow descent where the muscles whither away and you are left starting back again at square one.

Unlike the past though, I am determined not to let this writing thing just wither away. I won’t let it go without a fight. If I can’t sit down at the end of the day to write, then I need to find ways in order to get some thoughts down during the day. Whether it is a brief snippet at work, a few moments at a kids practice, or even in the morning, I have to find a way to make it stick. Stick until it is something that I can not shake and even with the bumps on the road that I encounter, I won't fall off the wagon.

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Greg Strosaker said...

The beauty of setting such a goal Mike (maybe a "stretch" goal?), is that you still posted a lot more than you would have had you not set out on the mission. Glad you have the energy to take it back up though, looking forward to both reading and hearing your ongoing thoughts as 2012 kicks off.