Tuesday, January 31, 2012

POI - January Rest Stop

As I meander through the year, I think it is good to periodically pull off on the side of the road and look at the journey to date on the Points of Interest (POI) that I wrote about heading into this year:

Learn a new language:  Haven't honestly done much in regards to this. Kicked the idea around about which language to pursue, whether that be French or Spanish again and decided on Spanish. Did take Coffee Break Spanish out on the road with me this morning. Quite interesting to be trying out a new language in the early morning out on the roads.

Get Published: Bit of progress in this department. Downloaded the submission guidelines for Metro Parent magazine which I happen to enjoy reading and am in the process of composing an article proposal.

Volunteer:  Printed off a volunteer application for the Boys and Girls Club which is less than 200 yards from my house and that's it. Waiting to see if I will be doing any coaching this spring with both of the kids signed up for Tball and Coach Pitch respectively.

Learn to play an instrument:  Perused the App store for a few ideas on Piano apps, but in reality would rather try and pickup a guitar again. Might have to put this idea off until my birthday in a few months and see if I can garnish some coin to pick up a guitar.

Become more politically astute:    If I have learned anything from going to the library with my children it is that if you don't know anything about something, start with a kids book.  No shame here since it looks like my kids are getting books. Working my way through some books to understand the process and not get clouded with all the drivel spoken on the boob tube.

Baby Steps in the first month but ready to pull back out onto the road and continue the journey...

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