Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fat Ass

I have never met a fat ass that I haven't liked. No, I'm not talking the kind that Sir Mix A Lot  talked about , but rather an unknown gem of the running community known as fat ass events.

Fat Ass events originally started in the ultra running community by a man named Joe Oakes and were originally billed as low key events after the holidays to burn off some of the typical poundage put on. Typically these events vary in distance from 50km to 50miles, but in recent years, there has been a trend of putting on races of all distances.

Let's be clear, these are not your weekly scheduled training runs. These events after several years are steeped in history and  people add them to their "race calenders". Runners look forward to these events.

Basics of a Fat Ass event:

No Fee - That's right. These events are FREE!  No Lotteries, no qualifying times or distances. No need to spend an few hundred bucks on a race. While there has been a recent trend in races for them to sell out months ahead of the event, no need here. Show up and run.

No Aid - That's right. You carry what you need. While you might get lucky and have someone leave a jug of water somewhere out on the course, don't depend on it.

No Awards/T-Shirts - who needs another t-shirt or medal indicating where or what they have run? I've got enough shirts to last me several seasons and my medals have gone to Medals 4 Mettle.

As a "Race Director" of the Lose The Turkey Fat Ass 50k, I never would have thought that my silly little event would be heading into it's 4th year this Thanksgiving. Each year has provided a merry band of characters, memories, and boasting that are talked about the rest of the year when I see those fellow runners.

For runners on a budget, Fat Ass events are great. These events strip down an event to the essentials: A runner, some gear,a road or trail to run on, and sharing the experience with others. Isn't that what its all about?


Club Fat Ass

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MichaelRunner said...

The Lose The Turkey Fatass 50k has been on my calendar the last 2 years. Its fun and so much different than any kind of running I do around Central New York. I hope to find or possible create my own fatass event in these part. Maybe I could even convince the Dawg to participate.