Tuesday, January 03, 2012

State of the Blog

Five years ago on this date, I started the blog with this simple entry:

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Lowdown
Parent, runner, occasional cyclist, and amateur yogi who works with special needs kids. I have a son who is named after the most tested man in professional sports and am about to round out the typical american family with a girl. Organize a weekly fun run at work where participants such as Twinkle Toes, Einstein, and Abstract participate. Ran 4 marathons and 1 50k last year....looking to hit that 50 miler this year, finally finish a strong group ride and learn how to be a pretzel in yoga.

458 posts later, here I am today, still behind the keyboard. Most of what I first blogged about is true. I still run, have a family, and work with special needs kids. I have posted mundane, uninteresting topics (like should I keep my new smartphone? ) to what I believe were honest reflections on my experiences (DNF at Burning River 100). The writing at times has been good, and at other times forced with no feeling.

The blog started out as my public journal and was in part the spark to start a running related podcast. Through it all, the interaction with people who have read and commented on the blog are what I have enjoyed the most. On occasion, I have even had a chance to meet several of you which has been great.

So where is this blog going? I have vacillated at times between deleting the blog, moving it over to WordPress, and even starting a new one that is educational related. However, in the end, I think that the current format is fine. As topics of interests and thoughts come to mind, I will continue to blog about it. I am certain though that I will be posting on a much more frequent basis and as has been the pattern, it will be a potpourri of topics from running, to family, to education, books, etc.
I wanted to take a moment and thank you for reading the blog and commenting. Thank you for taking the time during your day to read the ramblings of a father, husband, runner and educator.

Keep Moving Forward,

Mike aka Dirt Dawg


Sank said...

Keep up the good work. Enjoy it

Stuart said...

Happy blogiverssary!