Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Magic Socks?

I am not an elite athlete or an above age grouper who most of the athletic companies seem to give gear to or sponsor on a yearly basis. Believe me, it is not for a lack of trying. Every year, I apply to several of the companies whose products I use and apply for product testing or sponsorship, only to be shunned. I understand that some of them want to be associated with "winners" or "fast people", but being out there as much as I am and for as long as I am I figure that if nothing else I can give them an honest assessment of their product. As some of my fellow colleagues are fond of saying, " It is what it is."

Enter CEP socks. They were looking for local runners/ultrarunners to test their product and give feedback of their product. Based out of Pontiac, Michigan, I of course was interested in the benefits of compression socks that I have read about in the past. I contacted CEP and through the magic of Twitter and email, I was afforded the opportunity to try out a pair.

CEP Technology claims that it will enable you to: (direct from website)
Give yourself an edge with CEP Running O2 Compression Socks featuring 18-25mmHg compression. Used by professional triathletes around the world, CEP running socks are the first scientifically proven compression running socks to maximize power, boost energy, and speed recovery time.

CEP Running O2 Sportsocks maximize muscle oxygenation and boost energy with CEP's unparalleled scientifically optimized ultimate compression technology for all-day benefits. You’ll run with less effort, increased speed, decreased recovery time, reduced fatigue and optimized performance.

The days of wearing socks “solely” to protect feet from blistering are over. CEP compression sportsocks are the first truly functional compression sport socks with a patented pressure flow technology that provide a scientifically proven increase in blood circulation and a consequent increase in performance. In addition to blister prevention, CEP socks provide more oxygen, more energy, an improved metabolization of lactic acid, and faster recovery so you can return to training quicker than ever.

If I was going to give them my "paw" approval of the product, I figured there would be no better way than this past weekend to give them a whirl. With an 18 mile run to work on Friday, followed up by a trail marathon on Sunday, I thought it would give a variety of terrain and mileage to give an assessment.

Wow! After Friday morning's run to work in cool temps (low 40's), I found that the socks held tight around my leg and lent some warmth. Aside from my students calling my outfit a space suit complete with near thigh high socks, I was really impressed that Saturday I had absolutely no soreness or stiffness in my legs! Rolling into the trail marathon, I was curious if the undulating terrain would produce blisters, but not a one, and I was so impressed by them that I wore them all the way home, and one day removed from the marathon, my legs felt great.

I wouldn't say that I ran with increased speed, it was a trail marathon after all, but I do feel that I have had a faster recovery and less fatigue. In the end, I am giving them the first Dirt Dawg Paw of Approval, for what it is worth.


Chris Russell said...

Run to work!

Spike said...

free stuff = awesome. free stuff that works great = totally awesome. I should give them a try. glad the trail marathon didn't wreck you.

Meg said...

Tell Dirrty Girl to check out this blog post I did about a month ago http://tinyurl.com/dx7gmd I wear that one now and I made it through 11 miles without chafing. AND they're inexpensive.

Anonymous said...

My friend has a pair of compression socks (another brand) and raves about them. I have a hard time wanting to spend $60 on socks... but then, I've managed to get beyond that sticker shock for several other running related items, so maybe it's just a matter of time!