Saturday, April 18, 2009

"Jogging Track"

They advertised it as a "jogging track", but in reality it was a
sunbathing deck in disguise that was free of lubed up and lathered
travelers from about 5 am - 8 am every morning. Measuring at around
240 meters per lap, it would take about 8 laps for every mile.

My relaxation during the cruise wasn't found in a fruity conconction
or lounging by the poolside cooking my skin, but rather circling the
"jogging track" with it's unforgiving hardness, while dodging picture
takers and those in search of the cafeteria for some java to jump
start their day for approximately an hour each day.

Pace was not important as it was supposed to be a vacation. And for
all my gripes about having "cabin fever" and days at sea, I could not
complain about views of the open seas or a new island all the while as
I circled the "jogging track"


Lybbe said...

good on ya for keeping up your running on a ship. Good thing the ship wasn't rolling a lot or you might not stay upright.

sneakersister said...

Oh my gosh! I think I would go mad if I had to run 8 loops to a mile. How did you do it??