Sunday, May 03, 2009

Tilling the land

In an effort to be greener and to show the kids what a "small" garden is all about, we headed over in the morning to our local farmers market. Buy local.
Somehow, besides the requisite tomato and lettuce plants needed for planting, little dirt dawg ended up with ladybugs (which apparently have to stay in the refrigerator for a week because it is still a bit chilly) and dirrty feather ended up with a praying mantis. Both swore that they would be valuable additions to our garden.
In my own mechanical ineptitude, I had to borrow a saw from my neighbors and several trips made to Home Depot in order to come up with the right combination of wood and nails to frame it in.
Little Dirt Dawg proved to be an able "right hand man" and helped to both measure ....
and drill.
Dirrty Feather provided sideline assistance and feedback.

After nearly a week of tearing up shrubs, tilling the land, cutting wood and nailing it all together, the team had accomplished its goal. All that was left was for Dirrty Girl to plant.
Here's to watching it grow and eating the goods!

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Spike said...

good idea to start the kids with the drill, I began with a saw and that was...dangerous and poor planning on my fathers part.

ah, good old RO, many wasted teenage nights out there.