Monday, May 25, 2009

Pass it on

In this " I want it now" generation that has instant access to just about anything, I would be a failure as a parent, if I did not at least impart to Little Dirt Dawg and Dirrty Feather the virtues of honesty, hard work and having a passion among others. 

My passion, my love of running, is something ideally, I would love for both of them to pick up and run with.  I loved nothing more  the other day then going to pick out  some new "fast" shoes with Little Dirt Dawg for his upcoming Kids Run @ the Oak Apple Run. The joy in his face as he ran down the aisle to test out their quickness is something I can take with me through the miles  when I am faced with self doubt or in the "hole" of a long run. By having a passion, something they can call their own they can learn the values of being honest of where they are at in terms of fitness, goals, etc, but also that hard work can take you places you never might have dreamed of. More than anything, I want them to find something they can call their own to be healthy, active individuals. 

Have a passion. Pass it on. 


Lybbe said...

Well said - and well done!

Spike said...

what a great post, and how awesome you were kind enough to get fast shoes for him!!! I hope he runs well.