Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fumbling and Stumbling

My "Jesus" phone has been attached to me like Little Dirt Dawg's paci's were in his youth since I purchased it over a month ago. It has been my one and all. For better or worse, it has become an extension of what I did sitting on my rear end for hours on end in front of the the computer at home. I now can do all of that on the go.

Dreams of using this as my podcasting device have been met with hiccups and stumbles along the way. I spent the better part of a day at work going through the App Store before settling on an app called iprorecorder. Excited, I set out on an 8 mile run the next morning and recorded some audio, only to find out that 1. the file was over 100 mb and could not be sent via email and 2. that the apple headphone/mic picked up a lot of wind noise making the audio recorded useless. Thrice more, i have tried to record audio all the while playing with the settings and finally getting the wi-fi in my house to capture the files. What I have recorded I can say that I would not want to subject any of you to that steaming pile of poo. Sometimes, in all my excitement about a new endeavor, I tend to skip over the details and want to see RESULTS NOW!

I am not giving up on the idea of using my Jesus phone to podcast, but am going to have to maybe record inside and look for a mic to hook it up so I can record on the go. Patient, you have to be patient I tell Little Dirt Dawg and Dirrty Feather sometimes. I think I should follow that advice.

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Sun Runner said...

The WonderPhone will prevail. As far as I'm concerned there's nothing it can't do. :)

(Where's that iPhoners Anonymous group?)