Sunday, February 24, 2008


2 days after running on freshly covered snowy and slippery roads, Mother Nature I believe was taunting fellow Michiganders with a pleasant, spring is right around the corner day. 35 degrees and sunny, and after a 10 miler yesterday, my objective was simply to run to over to my mother in laws which is about a 9 miles if I don't take the shortest route. However, today with the weather being what it was, I felt like meandering a bit farther and armed with a water bottle and my old mp3 holster which convienantly stored my cell phone, id and cash, I was off.

Final tally: 6 cities in the Metro Detroit area I passed through for a total of 12.20 miles in 2 hours.

No sooner was I done and sending the pics from my cell phone home then i looked at the weather and saw a Winter Storm Warning for Monday Night!!!


Sun Runner said...

Yeah...this taunting we are enduring from the weather gods is becoming too much for me. Saturday and Sunday's pleasant temperature and sunshine will make what's coming today and tomorrow all the more cruel. There goes my hopes for doing my speed work on the track. Dreadmill, here I come.

Anonymous said...

Cruel indeed. I did a lovely 6 miles through Farmington Hills yesterday in shorts sans tights, and it felt so nice. We Michiganians should all know better than to get our hopes up, though. The coast is only truly clear in late May, I think.