Saturday, February 09, 2008

Back on my feet

Being sidelined the last 5 days with a sinus infection is no fun at all, and certainly made me apprectiate the miles I was able to get out and amble along today for. Got me thinking about a recent podcast that I listened to about Back On My Feet.

According to the website, Back on My Feet is a non-profit organization that promotes the self-sufficiency of Philadelphia's homeless population by engaging them in running as a means to build confidence, strength and self-esteem. Furthermore, Back on My Feet envisions a community where all members have the support and motivation required to move towards self –sufficiency. Every major city has a homeless problem and while providing food and shelter are important basic needs, something is missing. Back on My Feet is a strategic and creative program that uses running to teach important life skills, such as discipline, respect, leadership, and goal-setting. We work with shelters and rescue missions to guide our members down a road of happiness, hope and opportunity, which includes a stable job and a place to live. This is our goal and we will get there one step at a time.

Pretty cool idea. Inspired me enough to buy a t-shirt to support the cause.

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