Saturday, February 16, 2008

D.D.M.C. # 2

Sitting at my computer this morning and looking at the weather for tomorrow had me initially regretting not doing the D.D.M.C. #2 today. Forecast called for freezing rain turning to all rain on Sunday and I thought, geesh, I am gonna have to do it Monday now. Luckily, Dirrty Girl said she would take the 2 kids and I would have a large chunk of time to myself. How could I not take the opportunity to get the run in?

Starting time: 11:31 am

Temp: 19 degrees

Distance: 26.20

Time: 4 hr 21 min 35 sec

Avg per mile: 9:58

Slowest mile: 10:43 (mile 24) - finally decided to listen to music and fiddled around with ipod

Fastest mile: 8:55 (mile 25) - mad at self for taking to long to fiddle with ipod

A crystal clear sky and sun did not let me forget that it was still pretty cold. Overall, a pretty steady and easy effort. When I could, I ran on the streets but was resigned mostly to sidewalks that were either clear or had that slightly melted, slippery, and sloppy mix from the sun. No sense in trying to run fast on that kind of stuff. 2 down 10 to go.