Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter "Training" Camp

Easter “Training” Camp

As Twinkle Toes and his fellow obsessed roadies (D.K.N.Y. and G.P.S.) headed down to Georgia to engage in a good ole boy pissing contest, I begrudgingly headed off to Conneaut Lake, PA (there is nothing worth mentioning, outside of the fact that it is in the armpit of lake effect snow reaching from Cleveland to Buffalo) with my wife and 2 offspring for Easter.

My Easter “Training” camp goal was simple. Run everyday so as to maintain sanity from having to be around family 24/7. You know how it is. If it is not your house, you can’t change the channel without so much as a group consensus, and in the true spirit of all family gatherings, my wife has it pegged when she says, “Grab a bottle and hunker down.”

5 days post marathon and the legs felt pretty good, so I scampered off down by the lake for a few miles. Friday goes ok, but by Saturday morning there is 2-3 inches of the powdery white substance sticking to the ground. Is this a sick attempt by the Easter Bunny to camouflage his entrance?

Luckily, the one thing Conneaut Lake has is the behemoth of low prices, cheap labor, and blue vests…WAL-MART. I had forgotten my sunglasses and lucky for me I found some that doubled as snow goggles (cost $5) as I headed out on the same loop, this time returning with a thin coat of snow on me.

Surely, going into Easter Sunday, there could not be more snow, I thought to myself. Low and behold, there was an additional 3-4 inches on the ground by morning. I had to actually get out and shovel!! Again the same route, just a little slower, slipperier, and closer to going home.

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Timothy Finkelstein said...

135 today...hate to rub it in...tell the young male kin Timmy says hi and give my best to the others.