Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Second Job??

I said I would never run with a walkman or cd player. Maybe it was from my sister listening to her walkman as we ran and her tuning me out or I felt somehow that running was to be an escape from everything. Something to pure, to organic,  to be disturbed by the noise coming from earbuds. I thought that if you were outside shouldn’t that be enough of a soundtrack to keep you engaged for hours on end? The more miles I logged, the longer I was out there and I came to the realization that at some point, my tiny little sponge couldn’t generate enough mindless chatter to keep me engaged. Begrudgingly and with some trepidation, a few years ago, I downloaded a new social media called podcasting.


I was hooked. How cool was it to take the equivalent of a running partner out for a run whenever and wherever you wanted? Even better, there was no arguing over distance, pace, or waiting for them to show up. Grant it, it might have been a one way conversation, but the cool thing was if you didn’t want to listen anymore, you could turn them off, fast forward or get a new running partner all together.  It was like magic.


And just like pulling rabbits out of a hat, running podcasts have multiplied. I haven’t listened to all of them out there, but the ones in my rotation right now, I feel it is almost like a second job to keep up with them so as to not fall behind. Really, it is not like a second job.  My runs are more entertaining and for that you can’t put a price on that.  They all bring something unique to the table and even an ole Dawg like me can learn something new.


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