Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Remember the days

Remember as a kid when a mud puddle, dirt pile, or otherwise disgusting,
dirty, and the most unclean thing you could do would be villified by
your parents with shouts of "Get out of there! You are going to ruin
your clothes. Those are brand new boots!" ?

Well, Dirrty Feather and Little Dirt Dawg the other day miracously
managed to find the stinkiest, wettest, and muddiest area at the farm
over the weekend and engaged in all of the running, jumping and playing
that they could tolerate until too wet and cold to continue. What did I
do? Sat on the hill and watched them have some fun. Even though nearly 5
days later the boots are not dry and smell of some rank odor that I
don't think we will be able to get rid of, and some of the clothes even
after washing several times have stains that will not come out they are
still talking about how much fun they had. They are a constant reminder
to me as an adult that sometimes you have to enjoy the moment you are
in, savor the experience, because the opportunity may not come along


Sun Runner said...

Take a look at this picture:

9 days until the Martian Half!

Spike said...

what a great moment. while I can understand the desire of a partent to save money and time by trying to keep the boots/clothes from disaster, I love that you just sat back and let them have fun. wonderful.

now make them get jobs and earn enough money to buy new boots/clothers. :)