Sunday, March 01, 2009


February Recap

Runs: 27
Total miles: 187.8 miles
Average Distance: 7 miles
Total time: 34: 21: 20
Avg. mi. pace: 10:58

Same number of runs as last month, but about 12 miles farther in total distance and 3 hours more out on the roads. My pace is still pretty slow, but the weather has been crap and i am making a switch from tempo and mile repeats (which i am not fond of) to walk/runs and hills. Hills are not my friend yet, but I really like the walk/runs. Six runs of 10 miles or more so I can't can't complain about getting in distance.

Still have yet to figure out a solid training plan for the 100 miler outside of 2 marathons in April and trying to schedule a 50 miler or two. Really starting to feen for some trails, so cross your fingers and pray for a dry and warmer March!

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