Saturday, July 26, 2008

Loveland Classic 5K

With the kids landing safely in Denver, the entire gang settled in Loveland, Co for the night before heading up to Estes Park.

I had checked out places to run in Loveland prior to departure and had found a 5k/10k this morning with a start time of 7 am. However, after getting lost on the way to the hotel due to Bub, note that spelling makes a huge difference on Mapquest, and 2 road weary kids, I did not even pull out the race form to look at where we were in proximity to it.

With no knowledge of the time zone change, dirrty feather was up @ 5:30 am and so as not to wake dirrty girl and little dirt dawg, I fumbled around a dark hotel room for some running clothes and took dirrty feather out to the mother ship to assemble the baby jogger. We made are way around the outlet stores and then headed out along a lake with paved/gravel roads. By pure dumb luck, what did I see on the up ahead but the Loveland Classic 5K/10k!

I checked my wallet, found the entry fee, signed dirty feather and i up to run and tried to call dirrty girl and tell her that we were a mere 1/2 mile away if she wanted to run, and got in a few more miles before the start.

Dirrty Feather and I lined up almost dead last behind what happened to be walkers and had to do quite a bit of work to get some clear running space. Maybe only 150-200 for both races and passed the 1 mile marker in 7:30 as a race volunteer called out, before finishing the 5k in a Garmin time of 21:20. Didn't stay around to see results as we were heading up to the mountains, but at least Dirrty Feather and I both did our first race in Colorado!

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