Friday, July 11, 2008

D.D.M.C. # 7 - 29'er

Just about 2 weeks removed from D.D.M.C. #6, and the weather was predicting a seasonably cool like low's in the mid-70's with lots of cloud cover, so i thought i would get to it and run for approximately 4 - 5 hours and along the way knock out that D.D.M.C. #7. Arrived @ Kensington Metropark at around 6:15 a.m. and headed out rocking my trail shoes for the year: The North Face Fire Road. First real long run of the year, and I think I like them.
Heading out to Island Lake.
Arriving @ Island Lake. Trails were in pretty good shape. Should have worn some bug spray, but didn't have to worry about any traffic on the trails. Nice. Did both blue and yellow trails and headed back to Kensington to finish up with lap around there. Total Distance: 29 miles
Total Time: 4 hr 47 min
D.D.M.C #7 - 4 hr 18 min
Avg. pace per mile: 9:54

Overall, felt pretty good. The goal for today was to just go out and run for time. Knew the distance would take care of itself.

Enjoying a break. Letting the bad blood flow from my legs. Must have gone straight to my head though, because I forgot to take my Garmin 305 from off the roof of my car before I left, and found it in road exiting park with a few new nicks and gouges.

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Brian Thomas said...

You know, you're running around the same distances as I am (35 planned for tomorrow). I hear that the difference between 50 and 100 is largely mental and related to sleep deprivation and you smoked me at the North Country. Could 2008 be Dirt Dawg's 100 year? :)