Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Kensington Tempo

*pic taken running at around 8:30 pace during recovery mile*

Another beautiful summer day and nothing to do but run. I have been doing some hill work, but my bread and butter in an attempt to get faster have been tempo runs and mile repeats as I look towards Columbus and a BQ qualifier. Most of them have been pushing Dirrty Feather.

Today, a change of scenery was needed so load up the baby jogger, fill up the gear bag with snacks and head out Kensington Metropark for a run around the lake. The distance is around 8.5 miles on a nice rolling paved trail that certainly had me working pushing D.F. After a warmup mile, the workout called for 4x1 mile repeats with a mile recovery between. Spilts were: 6:58/ 6:55/ 6:57/ 7:06. Challenging, but made a bit more interesting pushing D.F., taking her juice cup when she is all done, removing her crocs because she wants her feet to be free, and playing games to keep her amused. Workouts tend to fly by pushing her. Maybe I need to push her in my BQ attempt?

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