Sunday, March 09, 2008

Running Naked

I felt free. I felt loose. Since its' arrival at my door several months ago, I have done almost all my runs with the Garmin 305.

There have been a smattering of runs with my non-GPS watch, but mainly because i forgot to charge the Garmin. I mean who wants to run with a watch that doesn't go "de de" as the screen lights up and works to acquire a satellite signal, or stops automatically as you wait for a light, or goes "drr drr" as you cover that mile, or tells you that extra half a block you ran made your run .06 miles longer?

I do. Even with turning the clocks ahead and the approach of spring not that far off, i have been of late in a funk so to speak. Sure, i get my miles in, but i know that this is the natural ebb and flow of my running and right now i am just in like that lull. I need to rekindle that flame. Stoke the fires so to speak.

A return to simplicity is what i think i need. So ditching the Garmin to run a 5 miler today, I merely donned my trusty running watch and set off. Didn't need the "drr drr" to remind me where the mile markers as I have them memerized thanks to the "drr drr" and I didn't stop the watch when I came to a light or run the extra block to add a bit.

I just ran.


Anonymous said...

I was considering picking one of those up. Do you find it helpful for pacing yourself during a long trail race?

At the same time, I find a lot of articles that say "leave the watch at home" and just enjoy it. Which I'm also inclined to do.

But then if I do that I might over-exert myself early on and bonk, because I wasn't pacing myself.

What a conundrum.

Unknown said...

I didn't purchase it until after the NCT 50 miler, but have found it to be a great pacing tool in my subsequent road marathons.

Have to at least have a watch out on a run.