Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hollow Bunny

I have a weakness for hollow bunnies come Easter. Put one in front of me and from his delicate ears to the shards that fall to his feet i will eat it. Only one problem, if i ate the delicious little sucker according to the package it would be 1,440 calories!

So here in podunkville ( C. Lake, PA), dirrty girl had no choice but to join me this morning for her 8 miler because she had no treadmill to hop on and her prep for the dexter 1/2 marathon began calling for some time outdoors. One of the few redeeming things here in podunkville is that after a quick jaunt down a busy road you can get onto some nice rolling roads and DG and I made quick work ( 1 hr 29 min) and i believe if i go with 100 calories per mile that is at least 1/2 a bunny that will be mine!

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