Monday, November 26, 2007

Holiday Energy

As you rush about this holiday season from here to there
Looking to spread that little holiday cheer
Take faith in knowing
GU has come out with a little something to keep you going....

A yummy treat washed down with a little H2O
Will help keep you running all day and saying HO, HO, HO.


Sun Runner said...

MINT chocolate? I must get some!!

Brian Thomas said...

Looks like the Turkey Trot was a good time! My son loves Elmo so we might have to head down to Detroit to check things out one of these holidays.

I haven't decided on a 100 miler yet. The Burning River in Cleveland is pretty high on my list, but I worry about the heat in August.

Unknown said...

Sarah - they are really good...only sold in boxes of 6 though (REI)

Brian - I've read that race is pretty cool and lots of roots and ruts...maybe if you need a pacer?