Sunday, November 11, 2007

From 8 to a 10K to 5.22

While Dirrty Girl and Little Dirt Dawg headed off to church, I decided to take Dirrty Feather out to my church, the road.

The plan was to head to Kensington Metro Park for an 8 mile loop and then maybe stop for a quick bagel and coffee. After loading up Dirrty Feather and her necessary gear, we headed out. Forecast called for some spotty showers but it was clear until we got 1 exit away and then the rain started. Rats!!

A quick glance showed that if I turned the car around and did about 80, I could possibly get to a local 10K that was being run about 25 miles away. Seeing as how Dirrty Feather was napping, I didn't see any reason not to give it a whirl.

We made great time but trying to get to the race parking and register was impossible as the parking and registration were at the epicenter of the course that was shut off.

Dejected, I turned the car around and headed home, and after approximately 80 miles of driving we still hadn't run a mile. Dirrty Feather had gotten a great nap so after a quick snack we rambled around town for about 5.22 miles. Maybe we should have just done that all along.

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