Friday, February 17, 2012

Each Day

Mahatma Ghandi

"So what did you learn at school today?" That question is guaranteed to come up at the dinner table each night when my family gathers. It is directed at my second grader and pre-kindergartner, as both my wife and I are interested in not only what they are doing each day but serving as a point of reflection for them. I want them to get into the habit of looking back at experiences and being able to learn from each journey. But how often as adults do we look at what we have learned each day?

Reflecting on my recent experience of being judged by a check box, I thought that it would be of value if I started to on a daily basis whether at dinner, or as I wind down for the evening to go through my day and see what of value that I might have learned. While we might not see it at the time, there are always opportunities for growth.

If I am are instilling the belief in my children the spirit of inquiry and a love of learning I should be on the same page with them and following along.

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Greg Strosaker said...

We've started asking and answering that question around the whole family at dinner, for the same reason you mentioned - to reinforce for all of us that learning is a lifelong endeavor and something to be cherished every day.