Saturday, November 05, 2011

So this blogging thing....

Originally, I had entertained the thought of starting this AMAZING blog about RUNNING, FAMILY, and LIFE from a middle aged father of 2 back in 2007. Like anything else, I started off with a gusto, writing and publishing consistently. Whether or not, the posts were any good are certainly up for debate, but the thing was that I had made it a priority and CARVED OUT TIME to do so.

In  my youth, I had envisioned myself a writer at one time. I would devour books and then turn my attention to crafting stories. I knew little about plot, character development, etc, but that didn't matter. I made it a PRIORITY. What I lacked was PASSION to follow through.

PASSION is what I have for my family, running and life. However, I do think there is room in the pie to add one more ingredient: WRITING.

Over the summer, I started writing again. I made it a daily habit. I CARVED OUT TIME, to just write down thoughts or ideas and made it just over a month before school started up again, and PRIORITIES pushed writing to the back burner. This time though, there was still a flicker of PASSION from the month of writing and so here I sit today writing again.

One of my favorite runners and philosophers, Dr. George Sheehan, had talked about his running and writing in terms of a lump of clay. An idea may be formed while on the run or wherever, and it is like a lump of clay. No real form or heft and it is only when it is thrown on the paper that it can be formed and molded into something tangible. Maybe that is where this blog is headed. Taking lumps of clay that I find and throwing them against the computer.


Jorge Garcia Jr. said...

I am in the first stages of this writing and carving out time. I love to run, I love life and family. I'm learning to share by writing and there is something very therapeutic in there. Keep blogging Dirt Dawg. If you have a passion for it, besides being there for your family keep doing what you love. Pull up Will Smiths 9+ min video on life on you tube. You might enjoy.

Anonymous said...

i like the analogy about the lump of clay. sometimes i feel like that's how i write too. little by little we carve and shape out the clay. the more we write, the better we are at it. the more strong our voice is. i look forward to reading more. i don't, however, recommend throwing clay at your computer!